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“The Walking Dead” Season 3 introduced the Governor into the mix Sunday night and he immediately had an air of mystery that bordered on the side of evil. Michonne, who relentlessly tried to keep her distance from this man, is watching helplessly as her friend Andrea is acting like a smitten high school freshman around this new character from “The Walking Dead.” According to Forbes on Monday, October 29, 2012, Andrea has shown a tendency to latch on to the wrong people in the past, like her little romp with Shane.

One of the biggest clues to the Governor’s character was the presence of Merle Dixon inside his trusted circle of men. Merle is the criminal from the first season of “The Walking Dead” that Rick handcuffed to the top of a building in Atlanta before fleeing the area. When he went back for him all they found was a severed hand and now the one-handed man is in tight with the Governor of this new town that Michonne and Andrea ended up in.

Suspicions about the Governor were soon validated as he and his merry group of distorted men successfully ambushed a convoy of army men with truckloads of supplies. If the viewers were wondering how the town gathered their provisions, this ambush answered the question fairly quickly.

The Governor’s overwhelming concern of finding other living survivors to bring them to Woodbury for their safety revealed itself as nothing more than self-serving. If there are pockets of survivors out there, then there are supplies keeping them alive and this is what he is after.

Rick and his crew are in danger from this man for this reason. There’s already been a hint that one of them, possibly Merle, knows their whereabouts as someone was watching Carol in the court yard while she practiced doing a C-section on a walker. Merle, who hates Rick for leaving him behind on season one, doesn’t hate the rest of the group, so it is hard to say on whose side he’d be on when all is said and done.

The viewers were given hints that Merle is not happy with the Governor, so in his sick and demented mind he might fancy himself as a better leader for this group, but anyone who watched season one would know that would be a fate worse than letting the walkers run the town. Most would say that’s almost the case now any way with the Governor’s evil leadership strategies.

It looks as if the people of Woodbury are not aware of the Governor’s hunting and gathering tactics, as they all seem to hold him in high regard. Other than the Governor’s group of sidekicks that went with him to slaughter the army men, the rest of the town thinks he’s one good guy. He’s kept them safe, feed and they have all the amenities of home.

When the men came back from the slaughter, the Governor held an impromptu town meeting and told the people of Woodbury of how the helicopter pilot told them of his convey and how the Governor and his crew of gun-toting men went to rescue them and bring them back to Woodbury.

They were too late, he tells his citizens, because the army men perished due to an attack of the zombies, but as luck would have it they got truckloads of supplies. This guy is dangerous and Sunday night’s episode “Walk with Me” laid the ground work for the Governor being Rick’s next big problem.

The closing shot shows the Governor sitting in his recliner looking at what you might think is a TV set, until the camera scans to the wall of severed zombie heads in fish tanks. This show just how deeply deranged this man really is.

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