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With every day that passes by, it brings us closer and closer to Cinco de Mayo. More importantly, it also brings us closer and closer to Free Comic Book Day on May 5th! That is something extremely exciting to be working towards. Especially as the school year nears its end and my lovely little 5th graders soon become much more “difficult” to handle.

Comic books have always been something to keep them entertained, though. I find that out more and more every day. Even those students in my class that have never given comic books a try and have only heard good things from their neighbors or me, once they pick up Amulet or Bone (click on the title and it will take you to an article about them), they want to read the rest of the series. It is truly one of the great things I can see in my classroom: a student wanting to read.

So, I challenge anyone reading this to do the same. I’ve spent the better part of a year writing about the greatness of many different series, and with Free Comic Book Day approaching, there is no excuse to not go out and try something grand.

More on that next week.

This week, in honor of our April 1sts theme, where I’ve examined a few of the brand new series that are being launched right now that are perfect jumping on points for anyone not familiar to the comic book world, I’m going to talk about one thing that apparently everyone in America loves:

The Walking Dead.

To be clearer, I’m not reviewing The Walking Dead since that series has been published for more than 6 years now. No, this is a new series from the author of the Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman. It, too, is being considered for a television series on AMC.

Thief of Thieves, Issue #1

Thief of Thieves, Written by Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer, Drawn by Shawn Martinbrough

This new series, from acclaimed authors Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer, is already in talks to be the next big show on AMC. As we’ve already seen from The Walking Dead, serialized comic books on television makes for good watching.

So, about the actual book itself.

Thief of Thieves is a drama, centered around man: His name is Conrad Paulson, once hailed as the greatest thief in the world, named Redmond. What we are told, though, is that he is retiring.

The tag line for the book reads: “There is nothing he can’t steal. Nothing he can’t have…Except for the life he left behind.

In the beginning, Redmond finds himself face to face with a priceless painting. As opposed to stealing it, he has a call to make. The story jumps into the past of Redmond, as we see this former greatest thief in the world make another grand escape. The story balances the past and present well as it tells the story of Redmond. Minor moments like explaining to a lower class car-jacker why stealing the custom job is less pertinent than stealing the regular pick-up. truck It’s giving Redmond this internal knowledge and confidence that makes him such a compelling character.

What’s the past he wants back? Why can’t he obtain it?

And why do authors Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer work so well together? It seems like Robert Kirkman is intent on creating series that will captivate readers of all kinds. As we’ve seen from The Walking Dead, his quick wit and hilarious pacing make the story read through well.

Artist Shawn Martinbrough brings a moody edge to each page, too. His characters emit emotions perfectly and his action scenes, such as one Redmond’s famous heists from the past, are set up perfectly. This Shawn Martinbrough apparently is most happy with drawing you in to a somber mood of drama as Redmond ponders and thinks, then is more than happy to blow the hinges off the door as he steals a car. Outstanding. A twist ending and shocking segway made me go back and read the next few issues that had come out.

Slide 1 of 6.
Shawn Martinbrough captures the mood in “Thief of Thieves”.
Slide 2 of 6.
Shawn Martinbrough captures the mood in “Thief of Thieves”.
Slide 3 of 6.
Shawn Martinbrough captures the mood in “Thief of Thieves”.
Slide 4 of 6.
Shawn Martinbrough captures the mood in “Thief of Thieves”.
Slide 5 of 6.
Shawn Martinbrough captures the mood in “Thief of Thieves”.
Slide 6 of 6.
Shawn Martinbrough captures the mood in “Thief of Thieves”.

What is the last great job that Redmond will pull and how long will it take for him to get there? We have some time to find out. You should too.

Issues Published: 3, the series is well underway! Pick up all three!

Next Week: Short column this week, I know. It’s all in preparation for Free Comic Book Day next week. Check us when we look at the last of April 1sts. We examine one last series and ask the question: What happens when reality television and superheroes mix? America’s Got Powers!!! Also, what is in store for Free Comic Book Day? I’ll tell you then!

Days Until Free Comic Book Day: 10 Days!

– In addition to writing for the column “Comic Matters” for the Tucson Citizen website, Bobby Acosta is also a 5th Grade Elementary school teacher, frequenter of local comic book shop Heroes Villains, and explorer of the importance of comics. He recommends each and every comic he writes about. Contact him at

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