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Five seasons in and “The Walking Deadâ€� shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, it’s the opposite. About 17.3 million people watched the Season 5 premiere earlier this month, the highest ratings in the show’s history — and an absurdly large number of viewers for a cable drama.

Somehow, the zombie drama turned out to be a perfect storm of everything a cable network needs for a huge franchise: A plot that stretches along eternally, without the convoluted twists and turns that demand closure on other hit shows. An interchangeable cast that suffers little if a key person is killed off. Massive ratings despite no awards show recognition. Lots and lots of zombies.

And it’s worked: “The Walking Deadâ€� is still routinely among worldwide trending topics on Sunday nights, in addition to its millions of viewers. “Talking Dead,â€� the weekly after-show devoted to analyzing the drama in talk-show fashion, can land around 5 million viewers, numbers that certain broadcast networks would kill to have for their own dramas.

Naturally, plans for a spin-off are moving right along. In the announcement of the pilot order, AMC President Charlie Collier joked that the most frequent question he gets — besides fans asking whether they can make a zombie cameo — is about how the zombie apocalypse is playing out in the greater world beyond its Georgia setting. Seems like that will be the agenda for the new show. The network is casting for a bunch of new characters.

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Sadé Green reviews the second episode of The Walking Dead season 5…

What is more disgusting than a Zombie? A soggy Zombie… seriously, total nausea-inducing grossness.

‘Strangers’ may not have been as action-filled as ‘No Sanctuary’, but it will still fill that Walking Dead shaped hole you get left with every Tuesday morning (or Monday morning for you USA readers). With some storylines being resolved, a couple of fairly intense action scenes, the rest of the episode is filled with character development – a slow episode some might say, but stick it out till the insanely dark end and you will literally be speechless with shock.

Having fled Terminus, this episode sees Rick and the Family back on the road – this time however, they have no supplies and far less weapons. After hearing distant screaming, and running to the poor woman’s rescue, we meet Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam, The Wire), who is in fact a man. After failing the three questions quite admirably, Rick struggles to trust him. As Father Gabriel takes them all to the church where he has been holed up, they realise that something isn’t quite right. Later on a supplies run go ahead, with Rick insisting on Gabriel’s presence. Cue the soggy Zombies in a flooded basement and there goes your sleep for the week. This is the stuff of nightmares people. After a fairly easy fight, one of the Family gets pulled under the water by a remaining Zombie. It’s not clear what happened beneath the surface, but a bite is certainly hinted at.

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The Walking Dead's Costume Designer on Dressing Women for World's End

Life during a zombie apocalypse can get pretty grim. Between roving bands of undead walkers trying to snack on your grey matter and feral humans roasting each other into lunch meat, there’s precious little time to think about how you actually look. Eulyn Womble, the Costume Designer for The Walking Dead, is charged with creating unique character statements out of clothing that has to appear weathered or scavenged.

Womble’s designs have to make Michonne appear the epitome of badassery, while allowing Beth to still retains a hint of innocence. From The Governor’s iconic leather jacket (and matching eye patch) to Carol’s Rambo-esque poncho, every single garment and accessory is faded, stitched or soaked in gooey-looking substances to appear authentic.

They say that on All Hallows Eve, the membrane between the world of the living and dead becomes blurred. In honor of the spookiest time of year, I had a conversation with Womble about the style and culture and strong female personalities behind The Walking Dead. [If you're not caught up with the most recent episode—"Strangers," season five, episode two—be forewarned there are SPOILERS AHEAD!]

Eulyn, your hands are stained red. Should I worry?

Oh, it’s just another day on the set of The Walking Dead. And it’s just some makeup stuff. I’ll wash it off later with shaving cream.

Your job is to convey the story of post-apocalypse, but the survival situations on The Walking Dead are increasingly dire. How can you continue to add points of interest to the costumes when life for the characters has so obviously deteriorated?

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There are many reasons why fans started watching AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’, some was because they read the comic books and loved the idea of seeing it put to life, others they just love zombies.

I started watching ‘The Walking Dead’ early in 2014 after purchasing a Netflix account, and yes I had a lot of episodes to catch up on. I recently just finished watching season 4 on DVR and I can honestly say I cannot wait to see the explosive action on season 5. Why did I start watching the show after three seasons? I was curious about all the talk going on about the show, and once I watched the first episode in its fullest, I was hooked.

It has been a wild ride for Rick and the gang for the past four years. From the Zombie Apocalypse to a Governor with a power complex, this group of people need a break from trying to save themselves. But it is these trials and tribulations that has made me stay with the show.

The character build that goes on each season is exactly why I watch this show. If you took out the zombie killing I could still watch the show based on the emotional connection with characters. The loss of those closest to the core group has brought about significant amounts of emotion from the characters, whether it be rage or just all out drop to your knees crying, the closeness of these characters are important to the show.

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Nothing seems to last in The Walking Dead. St. Sarah’s might not be the safe place it appears to be, as Rick and his group find themselves against some “very nasty people” in the next episode. It seems like they’ll be going up against Gareth and his followers again in “Four Walls and a Roof,” and maybe Rick and co. will get the upper hand.


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John Landis talks zombie popularity, horror and fantasy movi…

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Phew! We were never that sold on the theory that Rick was imagining this whole mess, but we feel even more comfortable knowing that Robert has gone on the record and denied it. After seasons of intriguing characters and well-thought-out storylines, hearing the whole thing was a dream of some kind would feel like a major cop out.

However, since Robert rarely ever confirms or denies anything outright, we shouldn’t be too surprised that he threw a little curveball into the mix. After this first tweet, the TWD executive producer added, “But Carl and everyone else are all imagined. He actually NEVER found his family. He’s been crazy since he killed his first zombie. #joking?”

The fact that Robert included “#joking” with this tweet implies that he’s just messing with us, but with this guy we’ve learned that nothing is really out of the realm of possibility. Do you think there’s a possibility that Rick is imagining Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) and the others, or is Robert just having some fun? Tell us where you stand in the comments below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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The Spoiling Dead Fans shared that Bob is the one who delivers the tainted meat line. Also, he will die soon.

When asked if the Hunters/Termites will be defeated in the new episode, the answer was yes. Gareth (Andrew J. West) and other Terminus residents showed who that they are nasty people. Gareth consumed one of Bob’s limbs.

Who will kill Gareth and how?

According to TSDF, Rick Grimes will kill Gareth, however, it is not clear if he will use the red machete to kill him.

Andrew J. West talked to AMC about his character Gareth and when asked how he would describe him in one word, he said Gareth is a “thinker.”

“He’s a thinker and has meditated long and hard on what the new world is,” West said. “I see him as a guy who is desperately and truly after something,” West added.

Are you excited about the new episode of “The Walking Dead” Season 5?

Share your views below.

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Adam Davidson, a veteran TV and film director who has worked on series like CommunityHell on Wheels and Big Love, will direct the upcoming pilot for AMC’s companion series to The Walking Dead.

The show, rumored to be set in the early days of the zombie apocalypse, will take place in a distinct setting and with entirely new characters to The Walking Dead. It will shoot before the end of the year according to Deadline, so more announcements should be forthcoming.

Co-created by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, the spinoff will be executive produced by Erickson, who serves as showrunner, and The Walking Dead‘s Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert. AMC Studios is producing.

Davidson won an Academy Award in 1991 for The Lunch Date, a short film he wrote and directed.

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Melissa chatted with about where Carol’s head is this season, and reveals that part of the reason her character is having issuses fitting back into the larger group is because she’s still trying to digest the events of the last season.  

“It’s more survivor’s guilt than it is, ‘Oh, I’ve done a terrible thing, and I just can’t live with myself.’ She knew she had to do what she had to do. That’s where she’s at. She can’t be remorseful,” Melissa says in an effort to clue us into exactly what Carol is grappling with. “She’s sorry that the world has come to this, that we’re all having to do horrible things that we never in our lives ever thought that we would or that we were even capable of doing. This is who we are now. This is what the world is. A lot of it’s very ugly. We don’t have time to think about it. We can’t rely on getting lucky.”

As Melisa also notes, Carol’s own feelings make it easier for her to empathize with Tyreese. The actress explains, “She also understands when Tyreese says, ‘I just need to forget about it,’ and she pretty much verbatim said the same thing to Daryl. It’s not that she doesn’t want to talk about it. She can’t talk about it.”

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Robert Kirkman likes to describe The Walking Dead as a zombie movie that never ends. But to my eyes, the most interesting thing about the show is how it’s spent five seasons fluttering between different storytelling modes. The show lacks a single setting and makes a point of killing off at least a couple key cast members every season. This can make The Walking Dead feel unwieldy or unfocused, but it also means that there’s an exciting state of constant flux underpinning the show’s basic head-crushing thrills. I’ve always said that original showrunner Frank Darabont most clearly viewed his version of The Walking Dead as a kind of neo-western, with Sheriff Rick as a clean-cut cowboy wanderer set morally adrift in a new frontier apocalypse.


The Walking Dead: See Full Coverage

Which movie from 1999 has aged most poorly?

The Weird and Wonderful Bottle Season of ‘The Walking Dead’

The western aesthetic mostly disappeared during the second season, when Darabont inadvertently rounded out his tenure with a static sequence of farm-centric episodes. No one can ever agree on what, precisely, went wrong with that second season. Some argue that Darabont didn’t have the budget to support his ambitions; you could counterargue that Darabont was the director of The Green Mile and The Majestic, and so it’s not exactly surprising that he transformed The Walking Dead into an overlong anti-narrative morality play starring Jeffrey DeMunn in a small-but-pivotal role.

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The Walking Dead
October 19, 2014

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier and Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Seasn 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 _ BTS - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel, Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Chad Coleman as Tyreese, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene, Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne, Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha, Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee,  Michael Cudlitz as Abraham, Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Bob Stookey - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler, Chad Coleman as Tyreese, Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel, Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene, Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Bob Stookey - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

- The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Walker - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Walker - The Walking Dead _ Seasn 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Bob Stookey, Chris Coy as Martin and Andrew J. West as Gareth - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Team Prison are all sunshine and smiles, making their way on down the road, having remarkably enough made it out of Terminus with everyone alive. At one point on the journey, Tara goes to Rick and is all, “Sorry about that whole hanging-out-with-the-guy-who-cut-your-friend’s-head-off thing, my bad.” But Rick is cool: she saved Glenn’s life, she’s one of them now. Gooble gobble and all that.

Nearby, Tyreese informs Carol that he’s spoken to Rick and that some of the group know what she did to Karen and David back at the prison and they’ve accepted it (and hidden all the matches). As for the rest of them, Tyreese is going to tell them, and they will have to deal. As for the girls … Tyreese doesn’t want to tell everyone what happened because he’d just rather forget. Well, we all want to forget about Lizzie and the flowers, Tyreese, BUT IT’S NOT THAT EASY.

I'm sure this will come in handy in future episodes. (


At one point, a walker stumbles out of the woods, and Michonne goes for her katana but WHOOPS it’s not there because the Terminites took it from her, so she just bashes the walker’s face in with the butt of her gun instead. This prompts Abraham to point out to Rosie that Michonne’s badassery is why they are waiting for their “moment.” I still do not know what he means. Is he talking about convincing people to go to D.C.? Because it doesn’t seem like he’s talking about convincing people to go to D.C.

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Hardcore fans of “The Walking Dead” are some of the most eagle-eyed sumbitches on the planet, and we all benefit from their ability to pluck out fun little Easter eggs that most of us probably missed. We’ve got a highly interesting one for you today, which just might reveal some details about the show’s shady new character.

In this past Sunday night’s second episode of the fifth season, we met Father Gabriel, a dude who is clearly hiding something. Holed up in a church, Gabriel claims to be pure but is seemingly anything but, though we’re not quite sure exactly what’s going on with him just yet.

Serving as a potential clue is this Easter egg spotted by Imgur user myothertardisisafirebolt, which just goes to show the level of attention and detail that is put into every frame of AMC’s hit zombie series.

We all know the writers of The Walking Dead love to see what they can slide past us,” says the eagle-eyed fan. “Well this past Sunday during the group’s search of the church in “Strangers”, I noticed this sign with all the bible verses on it and was curious if they meant anything. The verses are Romans 6:4, Ezekiel 37:7, Matthew 27:52, Revelation 9:6, and Luke 24:5. Turns out they make a story of sorts.”

Check out the series of images below to see what he’s talking about, and drop a comment to let us know what you make of it all!

The Walking Dead

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In other news, Carl — aka Carl Grimes (!!!!!!!!!) — has made his first spear in his blacksmith training, and it will probably come in handy pretty soon. Mini Grimes is also becoming something of a playa, with both Anna and Sophia showing interest.

Rosita is also doing pretty well on the romance front, apparently, since this issue showed her having a soap opera-esque talk with Eugene. She is pregnant but the baby is not Eugene’s. Who is the baby daddy? Not sure, but Eugene said he’ll raise the baby as his own and no one will know.

So another baby is on the way in the ZA, but trouble is also headed to the Hilltop/Alexandria area via the whispering walkers. And where is Michonne? Still no word.

All of this is happening a full two year jump from the “All Out War” between Rick’s group and Negan’s Saviors, so it’s waaaaayyyy down the line in terms of TV coverage. But it’s something to look forward to or dread, depending on your perspective, and we’ll have to see if the TV show goes near the Rosita/Eugene storyline or changes it as much as they’ll have to remix Carl/Sophia, since the horse has already left that barn stable too. Paul/Jesus is an awesome character in the books, but we’re not expecting to see him on TV until Season 6. Still, it’ll be great when he shows up, and maybe fans should focus more on who will play him than worrying about who will play Negan.

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Some nutjob on a two-bit website recently wrote about a popular theory that The Walking Dead‘s Rick “Take a Bite Out of” Grimes, father of CORAL, killer of zombies, is actually still in a coma, and that the series finale (in 2087) will go all St. Elsewhere on us. He pleaded to creator Robert Kirkman, “We’re not asking for a huge press conference. Or a lengthy explanation. Just a short statement on the record that The Walking Dead will not end that way. Do us that solid.” And a solid, he did.

So, Rick’s pretty much Crazy Gemma from Sons of Anarchy? OK, but what if Sons of Anarchy is actually a Walking Dead prequel, and in the last episode, everyone with a connection to SAMCRO (and seven million more escorts) dies, except for Gemma, who travels to Atlanta and while getting a sex change inspired by Venus Van Damme, she’s placed in a medically induced coma, and when she wakes up, she’s actually Rick Grimes? Also, a bear eats Pete Campbell. Your move, Kurt Sutter.

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The Walking Dead Spoilers Season 5 Episode 3 - Who Dies Next - Four Walls and a Roof - Another Death?

The Walking Dead Season 5 spoilers ask who dies next during Episode 3, “Four Walls and a Roof.” Surprisingly, nobody died on the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead, but the peace won’t last. We already saw Bob get bit and his leg eaten during Episode 2, and I think we can say with some certainty that Bob is a goner. And after Bob’s death, the only question is – who’s next?

It’s probably a given that Gareth and his little band of cannibals gets killed by Rick once he founds out what they’ve done, and I have a feeling that Father Gabriel will meet his end sooner rather than later. However, there’s no way we’re going an entire season without some major cast members meeting their untimely deaths – The Walking Dead principal cast is way too big right now, and that kind of happy family vibe isn’t going work in the grim post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead. And let’s face it – does anyone really care about Bob? Other than Sasha, who’s going to miss the guy after he dies?

So with that being said, here are several other characters that might meet their end on The Walking Dead Episode 3 and beyond. Tyreese is our first pick, because we’ve actually grown to care for him, but again, nobody other than Sasha and maybe Judith will miss him after he’s gone. He’s not especially essential to the group, since he’s been avoiding getting his hands dirty after what happened in the latter half of Season 4. Then, there’s Sasha – she’s slightly more important than Tyreese and seems to be more important in running errands and going on supply runs, but again, it wouldn’t be a huge loss to lose her.

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Season 5 is meant to follow the comics closer than ever before, and in the comic books, after The Hunters used Dale as bait to draw Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) out from Father Gabriel Stokes’s (Seth Gilliam) church, Rick and company retaliated big time against The Hunters and brutally slaughtered them. It shocked poor easily shocked Father Gabriel, who has his own secrets but nothing related to brutal bloodshed.

The gruesome slaughter of The Hunters was a big milestone and serious turning point for Rick’s group in the books. Rick has already bitten a guy’s neck off at this point, but what slaughter have the others done? They don’t have quite this amount of blood on their hands, and you can’t imagine they want it there. No one should get used to killing, even in the zombie apocalypse. It should never be easy.

Andrew Lincoln recently told Details Episode 3 is “astonishingly brutal” and it’s uncharted territory for the show. Sometime he is prone to hyperbole, but more often than not he’s a good warning system for what’s to come.

Do you think The End is here for Gareth’s cannibals? Do they need to face a brutal slaughter (butcher or the cattle…) as justice for what they’ve done to give fans a satisfying end to that storyline, or could they be given something less openly brutal, like the Mary treatment?

The Walking Dead Season 5 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. 

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As Michael explains, just the simple idea/possibility of a cure is enough to motivate his character. Why, you ask? “Because he has a purpose, he has this overriding element that he believes needs to be done, and right now he’s lacking a purpose in every other avenue and area of his life,” Michael reasons. “This is the most important thing. It has to be. And we’ll learn later why. Right now this has to be the mission, [Eugene] has to be telling the truth, and at all costs it has to be accomplished.”

Others, like Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), have already begun to question Eugene, and we have a feeling she isn’t the only one with doubts. Abraham and Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) were very protective of their “scientist” when Sasha started grilling him, but we bet more will be revealed soon.

As for what Abraham would do if his mission of getting Eugene to D.C and finding a cure was accomplished?  “We’ll have to see,” Michael teases.

Check out the complete interview below and tell us your thoughts!

The Walking Dead Season 5 airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Spoilers, Rumors And Latest Updates: Leaks Of Carol Getting Abducted Flood The Internet

The Walking Dead season 5

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  • The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Spoilers, Rumors And Latest Updates: Leaks Of Carol Getting Abducted Flood The Internet

    We have the latest for you on the trailer spoilers, rumors and latest updates of The Walking Dead season 5. Horror series fans and viewers can’t fail to notice the Walking Dead has been on now on AMC network and that the series has taken up a new twist as it has a lot going on and now the story line revealed from the comic version of the series. Rumors and spoilers have hit the net since the season 5 of the Walking Dead premiered, according to Wet Paint News.

    Latest rumors and spoilers of the latest episode in a recent trailer that leaked online showed that there is going to be some hard times that will hit Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) and Carol Pelletier (Melisa McBride) but for someone following up on the filming spoilers, the video only confirms what they have already read. The video helped to reveal clips from Sunday’s episode 3, “Four Walls and a Roof,” and the Beth- centered episode 4 entitled, “Slab town.”

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