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Are these wolf references on The Walking Dead Season 5 accidental? Not likely, right?

Back in Episode 9, there was writing on walls around Richmond, “Wolves Not Far.” It remains to be seen whether that’s tied to what happened to the place — including Noah’s (Tyler James Williams) brutalized mother and all the chopped up walker parts outside the gate. The Powers That Be said the story was not over when it comes to those heads and body parts, and there’s some speculation that The Wolves may be the remixed name of The Scavengers. Derek, leader of The Scavengers, has a “little pig, little pig let me in” quote in the comic that could be considered a wolf hint as well. And another wolf reference just appeared in Episode 12 in Alexandria.

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Think Shaun of the Dead is too subtle and smart for your brrrraaaiiinnnnn to understand? Then you’ll love The Walking Deceased (you’ll also love it if you laughed at that “brrrraaaiiinnnnn” non-joke). Dan wrote about the Walking Dead/Zombieland parody movie back in January — it also purports to spoof Warm Bodies, World War Z, Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and even Romero’s iconic Night of the Living Dead — and we now have an actual trailer.

I’ll say this much: I chuckled at the Holocaust line, so it’s already inspired more laughs than every Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer war-crime combined.

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Why is Aaron following Daryl?

Rick said they’re watching every move Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) makes — possibly because, as Deanna said last week, she’s still trying to figure Mr. Dixon out — and the promo shows Aaron following Daryl. Daryl does not approve. But they seem to fight walkers together outside the Safe-Zone — with Daryl saying “C’mon, they’re coming” — and perhaps they’ll bond. Maybe Aaron (Ross Marquand) can help find a place for Daryl in the community. But what’s Daryl doing out there to begin with? Just going for a hunt for more possum? Or maybe he was thinking of heading out? He wouldn’t do that to the group, would he?

Daryl confronts Aaron

Norman Reedus was on Conan on Tuesday night, and they showed another sneak peek from Episode 13. It’s Daryl in the woods, telling someone, “Come out … now!” It’s Aaron, who is impressed. He asks, “You can tell the difference between walkers and humans by sound?” No answer. “Can you tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy? Rick doesn’t seem to be an expert at that.” (Don’t diss The Ricktator!) Daryl says, “Don’t seem to be a difference no more.” Maybe Aaron is thinking of recruiting Daryl to be another recruiter, like himself, since they are both skilled at being stealthy out in the world. 

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Double check your DVRs and/or adjust your live viewing plans, because the Season 5 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead is going into overtime.

The episode, which airs Sunday, March 29th, is set to run for 90 minutes. Which probably means a lot of killing, a lot of crying, and a lot of commercials. Here’s the synopsis for the episode, “Conquer.”

Daryl finds himself in trouble while out on the run. Meanwhile, in Alexandria, Rick and his group continue to feel like outsiders as danger lurks near the gates.


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Is there another shoe waiting to drop on “The Walking Dead” now that our gang has once again stumbled on apparent safety?

Rick and his friends are not only welcomed into Alexandria, but Rick and Michonne are given the positions of constables. Everything seems to be going pretty smoothly, so why the constant tension?

Maybe it’s because the group has become so used to danger that they see threats even where there are none. Or maybe it’s because they’re being watched. Maybe Rick’s plan for a coup does need to happen sooner rather than later.

Until then, something seems to be eating at Sasha (though considering this is a show about zombies, I should clarify that I only mean that figuratively): 

The tension doesn’t fade when Sasha gets out there in the woods for some target practice.

Daryl is tense, too. Maybe because Aaron has been following him.

Who will make the first move? And will that move be the right one?

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The Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus weighed in on the possibility of his character, Daryl Dixon, being gay in a “Conan” interview on Tuesday.

“If that’s the story they gave me, I would rock that story. I’m not afraid of it,” Reedus said.

While most of the characters in the show are derived from the comic books on which the series is based, Reedus’ character was created exclusively for the AMC drama, making his backstory an easy target for speculation.

Reedus said he discussed the idea of Daryl being gay early on with then-executive producer Frank Darabont, who exited the show after season one.

“I (was) like ‘Hell yeah, let’s do it,’” Reedus recalled saying to Darabont when asked if he’d be open to the possibility.

“Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman has commented before about Daryl’s sexuality. When asked if the character might be gay, Kirkman responded that the storyline has been talked about.

“We have very specific ideas about Daryl’s sexuality (or the seeming lack thereof), and if there’s ever a quiet period in the show where he’s not consistently distracted by crossbowing… we’ll tackle it in the show,” he said in an interview first reported by

While the jury is still out on Daryl, the show has recently introduced its first two gay characters, Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson), after introducing lesbian character Tara (Alanna Masterson) last season. In an interview with Variety, Marquand admitted that current showrunner Scott M. Gimple plays his cards pretty close to his chest.

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Parks and Recreation Finale

Parks and Recreation was the top broadcast show on General Sentiment’s social TV chart, while The Walking Dead was the top cable show for the week of February 23-March 1, 2015. Remember: a show’s social media popularity does not correlate to its renewal prospects and/or actual ratings.

General Sentiment Network February 23-March 1 2015



General Sentiment Cable February 23-March 1 2015



2nd Screen Score is an indexed measure of overall engagement from across the social web. Primetime programming is defined as shows with start times between 8:00 PM and 10:55 PM EST Monday
– Saturday and 7:00 PM and 10:55 PM EST on Sunday. Data collected on broadcast and cable series and their new, debut episode as defined by Nielsen. Scheduling data for debut episode verification provided by FYI Television, Inc. Data collected on seven (7) major broadcast networks and 43 cable television networks.

About General Sentiment
General Sentiment turns new media analytics into clear and powerful insights. We monitor and interpret millions of online conversations across multiple platforms to develop industry specific solutions for everyday problems. Our technology is fueled by large-scale analytics that turns internet chaos into organized thought.



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The Walking DeadFacebook/ The Walking Dead

Darryl says “We brought dinner” as they walk into Alexandria, on The Walking Dead.

On last Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” Rick and his team meet the people of Alexandria, which Aaron claims is a safe haven for all of them.

The group enters the gates of the sanctuary, and they agree to check their weapons as they get acquainted with their new environment. The survivors are awed by the resources available at Alexandria, as the place has electricity and running water, among others. Elated, Michonne brushes her teeth for a long time. Maggie sniffs some clean laundry, and Rick takes a shower and shaves off his beard. Everyone still feels a little skeptical, but they are appreciative about the amenities.

A woman named Jessie comes by and offers to give Rick a haircut. Jessie a mom to two boys, and one is Carl’s age named Ron. Carl meets Ron, who invites him to play video games with his friend, Enid, a sullen girl who also came from outside. Later, Carl tells Rick what he thinks of the people.

“They’re weak. I don’t want us to get weak too.”

Rick meets Deanna, the woman in charge of Alexandria. It turns out that Deanna used to be a congresswoman for Ohio’s 15th district. She wants Rick’s group to stay because they need people who have been “outside”. She checks in on all of the survivors and assures them that they will have jobs in the safe zone.

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By Marcus James Dixon

walking dead spoilers who will die maggie greene sasha entertainment 13579086 story

Who will die next on “The Walking Dead”? Do YOU think you know? Below, search for clues in AMC’s sneak peek of Sunday’s all-new episode, titled “Forget,” and then vote in our “Walking Dead” prediction contest. It’s fun and easy!

According to Gold Derby’s exclusive racetrack odds, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has the highest odds of being killed off next amongst the group of main characters with 17/2 odds. As for the recurring players, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) tops our readers’ chart for who they think will die with 15/2 odds. See complete predictions here.

Who is your favorite ‘The Voice’ coach of all time? (Poll)

Disagree with those death odds? Then click here or scroll down to make your own predictions using our easy drag-and-drop menu.

Your input will influence the overall standings here at Gold Derby and could save Maggie and Sasha from the dreaded #1 spots on our elimination charts. You have until 4 p.m. PT on Sunday to cast your votes in this week’s contest.

Are you one of the top predictors on our Season 5 leaderboard? If not, be sure to join our “Walking Dead” prediction contest and you could win a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Every week, have fun predicting which main character will die next, which recurring character will die next, how many walkers will be obliterated and so much more. Read more... (694 words, 24 images, estimated 2:47 mins reading time)

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In the world of “Walking Dead,” an even bigger threat than the zombies is whether or not Norman Reedus has brushed his teeth.

The actor, famous for playing the crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon, is also known for licking castmates, fans, monuments and pretty much everything he can. At this point, his name has even become a term on Urban Dictionary for licking someone’s face.

On Tuesday, Reedus finally explained to Conan O’Brien how it all got started. He also recalled a weird fan experience involving rubber horse heads that amazingly makes licking seem pretty normal.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

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The fifth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is drawing to a close, with only four episodes remaining before the series concludes with “Conquer” on March 29. In case you missed last Sunday’s installment, read our recap of The Walking Dead Season 5: Episode 12, where we get our first look inside the Alexandria Safe Zone. The survivors finally agreed to follow Aaron back and ‘audition’ for the community in spite of their initial reservations, but several members of the group have already expressed concern that the Zoners have become weak after spending too long behind their walls. So, what can we expect from the rest of the season? Take a look at the synopses for the remaining episodes of Season 5 and let us know.

the walking dead season 5 finale synopses episodes 13 14 15 16
The Season 5 finale airs March 29

Episode 13, entitled “Forget”, airs this Sunday and is described thus: “As Rick and the others continue to acclimate to their new surroundings, they consider a return to normalcy.” Episode 14, “Spend”, reads: “While trying to secure a new home, Rick and his group face challenges, and question the utopia they find themselves in,” while Episode 15 (“Try”) is summarised thus: “When life within the walls begins to mimic life outside, the group realizes that sheltered life may not be possible.” Finally, the synopsis of season’s final episode, “Conquer”, reads: “Daryl finds trouble while on a run; Rick and the group feel like outsiders in Alexandria, where trouble approaches the gates.” It was recently confirmed that The Walking Dead’s Season 5 finale will last 90 minutes, but will Daryl survive? What kind of “trouble” will he encounter? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films has announced its television nominations for its 41st Annual Saturn Awards. The Saturn Awards recognize TV series and films that are often overlooked by mainstream awards.

This year’s nominations are led by AMC’s The Walking Dead and NBC’s Hannibal, which earned seven and six nominations, respectively. Game of Thrones, Person of Interest, Bates Motel, The 100, and 12 Monkeys all earned nominations, as well.


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Norman Reedus has a licking problem – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Walking Dead star revealed on Tuesday’s Conan that it all began when he started licking his zombie guts-covered grime castmates.

Then, his tongue went on the road – he started to post photos of himself licking “monuments” and “Charlie Chaplin guys on the street.” This all culminated in an Urban Dictionary definition – to “Reedus” is now an unofficial verb meaning “to lick something.”

As Reedus’s costar Lauren Cohan revealed to Entertainment Weekly back in September, “His standard greeting is to lick someone’s face when we are covered in [dirt and zombie grime].”

However, the situation may have gotten out of hand: “Dads come up to me with their daughters, and they’ll be like, ‘Lick my daughter!’ ” Reedus told host Conan O’Brien.

And you thought you had a cool dad.

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Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead” Season 5 finale, titled “Conquer,” is so “dramatic and emotional” that director Greg Nicotero believes that the cast and the writers deserve an Emmy recognition.

“It’s a phenomenal episode,” Nicotero told Yahoo TV of the supersized finale. “With each of the episodes I’ve shot this season, I keep thinking, ‘Wow, this is the best episode I’ve ever done.’ Then I do another one. I’m like, ‘I kind of like this one.’ They’re all really different, and I get chills when I watch [the finale].”

The 51-year-old SFX and make-up wizard added that he’s “so proud” of how the finale turned out, most especially because “it’s such a powerhouse and the performances are just spot-on.” “Everybody’s firing on all cylinders,” he said.

“When Emmy time comes along, [and] if people don’t finally turn around and recognize the actors and the writers, then there’s something seriously flawed with the system,” Nicotero said. “Because I don’t think that we’ve told more dramatic and emotional stories on the series as of yet.”

“The Walking Dead” won an Emmy for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series both in 2011 and 2012. The hit AMC zombie show was also nominated for Outstanding Special Visual Effects and Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series in the past years, but none of its actors has actually received a nomination from the said award-giving body since the series premiered in October 2010.

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Last week was a busy one in primetime for premieres and finales — including the return of NBC’s “The Voice” and the exit of ABC’s hit rookie “How to Get Away With Murder” — but AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and Fox’s “Empire” were the clear standout performers.

The veteran zombie drama and first-year Fox soap, both of which wrap their seasons this month, continued their growth spurts last week and opened up some distance on the rest of the primetime field in the adults 18-49 demo, according to Nielsen estimates for the Feb. 22-March 1 frame.

“Dead” looked like it was finally losing some steam when it opened the second half of its fifth season last month with slightly depressed numbers opposite the Grammy Awards and “SNL Anniversary” special. But it bounced back a week ago opposite the Oscars and then jumped nearly another 10% on Sunday (to 7.5 in 18-49) — two full ratings points better than any other primetime program — while moving back above the 14-million mark in total viewers.

Through four weeks, “Walking Dead” is now ahead of last year’s pace by 2% in both 18-49 (7.16 vs. 7.01) and total viewers (13.94 million vs. 13.71 million), keeping alive the chance to extend its amazing streak of drawing higher ratings averages with every half season since its six-episode first season in 2010.

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Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Them,” was one of those touchstone episodes where online writers start suggesting that The Walking Dead is “finally” a great show. This usually happens at least once every half season, or it has since Frank Darabont left the show. But it’s always been a “great” series, it’s just that it’s much less uneven now than it once was.

It doesn’t hurt that Scott Gimple has apparently taken some cues from Vince Gilligan and included fun little details for obsessives to spot. They really began to layer these hidden details in during the midseason premiere, and last night’s episode added several more (including a cameo from Anthrax’s Scott Ian).

I’m still sticking with my theory that the wolvesforeshadowed in the midseason premiere — are actually Rick (alpha male), Michonne (alpha female), Carol (den mother), Daryl (lone wolf) and the rest of Rick’s gang (the wolf pack), and there were a couple more nods to wolves in last night’s episode that I didn’t immediately pick up on, including this little Easter Egg:




2. Not for nothing, but there was also a full moon.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.24.03 AM

3. This is not from this week’s episode, but Thomas Novak alerted me on Twitter to the fact that the big Beth/Daryl episode last season where they burned down that house included the song, “Up the Wolves,” by the Mountain Goats.

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Subscribers to Dish Network’s new over-the-top video service, Sling TV, now have a few more reasons to cut the cord. As of Wednesday, both AMC and IFC are officially available on the service.

Dish announced it was adding AMC to Sling last month, and now, the channel is live on the service. That means users will be able to tune into shows The Walking Dead, Mad Men and Portlandia at the same time as cable subscribers.

See also: March on Netflix: Tina Fey’s new show is in, ‘Pretty in Pink’ is out

There is no added fee for the extra channels; the service still costs $20 a month. Sling TV is also adding a “Hollywood Extra” package for a $5 premium, which includes titles from several EPIX channels as well as Sundance TV.

Dish says on-demand content for all the new channels is coming “soon,” but even before that, buyers of the Hollywood Extra pack will be able to access content for seven days after it airs via Sling’s Replay feature.

Sling TV was first announced at CES in January and launched in February. It offers cord-cutters 20 cable channels for $20 a month, including ESPN and ESPN 2. The service is accessible on several different devices, including iOS, Android, Roku hardware and Amazon’s Fire TV.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

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Forget Dale. Forget Lori. Forget Bob, Beth, and Tyreese. Tragic, horrible deaths, all of them — but they pale in comparison to the greatest Walking Dead death of them all: Rick’s beard.

The former law man became a current law man, sans beard, in the latest round of The Walking Dead, as Rick Grimes and his group of survivors finally returned to civilization. After weeks and weeks on the road without any concrete notion of salvation, the Ricktatorship can now kick back and relax in Alexandria, a walled-in community just a handful of miles away from Washington, D.C. — although relaxation doesn’t come so easily for any of these people.

Take Rick, for instance. Here’s a man so traumatized by his experiences in the apocalypse that he almost got his entire fellowship killed on the way to Alexandria, because he couldn’t trust a single, smiling stranger. Even now, inside of Alexandria, Rick appears reluctant to accept the new status quo. He’s the first of his group to meet with Deanna Monroe, the community’s leader, and a former Washington congresswoman. Under her leadership, Alexandria has flourished where so many others have perished. The community has been insulated from most of the horrors associated with the zombie outbreak, to the point that Monroe’s fellow Alexandrians are, in a word, soft. Even she admits her people’s weaknesses, which is why she’s thrilled to have some true, hardened survivors like Rick and friends under her roof.

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It was a good day for Marvel with the release of the 41st annual Saturn Awards nominations (geared toward genre work on the big and small screen). “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” led overall on the film side with 11 nominations, while “Guardians of the Galaxy” picked up nine. Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” had a strong showing, too, with 10 mentions.

This year’s Best Picture Oscar winner “Birdman” popped up four times, including in the Best Fantasy Film Release category where it dukes it out with films like “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” and “Into the Woods.”

Somehow Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is deemed a fantasy film, too, while this is the second group, I believe, that has chalked Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” up as an “action/adventure” film. OK… Additionally, the lack of “John Wick” — anywhere — is a significant WTF if you ask me.

On the TV side, it was “The Walking Dead” leading the charge with seven tips of the hat.

Check out the full list of nominees below. Winners will be announced on June 25. (Why not just get it over with sooner?)

And as the film awards season finishes its death throes, remember to relive it all at The Circuit.

Best Comic-to-Film Release
“The Amazing Spider-Man 2″
“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”
“Guardians of the Galaxy”
“X-Men: Days of Future Past”

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