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The Walking Dead

Since its inaugural episode, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has been tipping its hat to George A. Romero’s zombie films.

Just last week they dropped a ‘Bub’ bomb on us, giving homage to Romero’s Day of the Dead. Below you’ll see two screen grabs of the iconic hero zombie from the 1985 sequel to Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead.

Speaking of Dawn of the Dead, last night’s “The Walking Dead” gave serious homage to Romero’s 1978 classic by slamming a machete into the head of one of the undead.

Reddit user Effectivecatch shared two grabs for comparison (above and below).

What have been your favorite throw-backs to the father of the zombie film?

Dawn of the Dead

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By Bradford Hornsby

The fifth season of The Walking Dead is over. Now what do you do to get your zombie fix?

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Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In fact, there are plenty of ways to get your zombie fix while you wait to see the fate of Rick, Daryl, Carol, and the the rest at Alexandria. Check out our list below.


1) Try The Walking Dead Graphic Novels

If you haven’t checked out the original source material you might want to give it a try. Some of the storylines are the same, but the experience is quite different from watching the show. You will have plenty of comics to read, too, as Robert Kirkland is very prolific.

2) Watch the CW’s iZombie

This isn’t anywhere near as gritty as TWD, but still, this brand-new series on the CW will provide you with a zombie fix and a bit of humor. It’s from the people that brought you Veronica Mars. Learn more on the CW website.

3) Do A George A. Romero Movie Binge

George A. Romero is the undisputed creator of the modern zombie movie. Night of the Living Dead started it all in the 1960s, and Romero has continued to crank out sequels and remakes over the years. Some are better than others, but all pack a zombie-filled (and sometimes campy) punch. Here is the Romero filmography to get you started.

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“The Walking Dead” brought its fifth season to a close on Sunday night, and the episode was a definite ratings winner. But did the finale’s quality hold up? And did the show’s creators deliver on the promise of a shocking climax? HuffPost Live’s Ricky Camilleri broke down the season’s conclusion with our panel of TV obsessives during Monday’s episode of “Spoiler Alert,” which also included chatter about “Bloodline,” “Bosch” and HBO’s “Going Clear.”

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That’s one good reason to always get a flu shot! AMC aired the first promo for its Walking Dead companion series, Fear the Walking Dead, during the Sunday, March 29 season 5 finale of The Walking Dead, and while we’ve only seen 15 seconds, the series looks like must-see TV.

PHOTOS: The Walking Dead cast on the red carpet

Documenting the early days of the zombie apocalypse, Fear the Walking Dead centers in and around Los Angeles, with Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, and Alycia Debnam set to star. As the preview trailer indicates, California is one of five states first reporting a strange virus. (As TWD fans know, the original, still-running series takes place in the South, with the action now going down in Alexandria, Va.) In the clip, a newscaster warns those in his listening area to make sure to get their flu shots.

Kim Dickens with star on AMC's the Walking Dead spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead

PHOTOS: Walking Dead season 6 scoop

Fear the Walking Dead — already picked up for two seasons — debuts this summer.

Watch the trailer now!

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Tidal, a new, artist-owned, high-fidelity, somehow-not-shittier-Spotify music streaming service was just unveiled to the world at a live-streamed press conference in Los… more

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Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen “The Walking Dead” season five finale, titled “Conquer.”

Season five of “The Walking Dead” was a rough one for Steven Yeun’s Glenn, one of the few original characters still remaining on the show. After reuniting with his wife Maggie (Lauren Cohan), they wound up prisoners of a cannibal cult at Terminus, suffered a devastating blow with the death of her sister Beth (Emily Kinney) and also lost their friends Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) and Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman). The bright light at the end of it all was Alexandria — a peaceful community where they might be able to settle down, and even have a family. But when the incompetence of certain Alexandrians resulted in yet another tragic death — R.I.P. Noah (Tyler James Williams) — Glenn was faced with a moral dilemma: What to do about Nicholas (Michael Traynor), the selfish coward who basically got Noah killed.

The season finale gave Glenn the perfect opportunity to take Nicholas out for good, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Variety spoke with Yeun the day after the finale to get his take on why Glenn made the decision to let Nicholas live, what Glenn represents in the world of the zombie apocalypse, why he wishes everyone could binge watch the show and how he thinks the first meeting between Glenn and Morgan might go down.

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Glenn’s not dead! 

Though The Walking Dead characters are in constant peril, there was at least some relief in the tense season 5 finale — Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) are still alive and well. (Or as well as you can be in a zombie apocalypse.) In fact, none of the show’s main characters were killed off — aside from Rick’s execution of Pete in front of the whole of Alexandria, and the relatively new but nice-seeming TWD addition Reg Monroe (Steve Coulter).

PHOTOS: TV’s most shocking deaths

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd told The Hollywood Reporter after the AMC hit’s finale that the writers didn’t consider adding in another death to the episode — say, fan favorite Glenn — for maximum impact. 

None of The Walking Dead's main characters were killed off in the season 5 finale.

“That’s never how we approach things on the show,” she revealed. “We don’t think, ‘What can we build up to and how can we shock the audience.’ It really is the evolution of the overall chain for the season as well as character development.”

PHOTOS: The Walking Dead cast on the red carpet

In fact, Glenn’s story line really revolved around whether to kill the treacherous, cowardly Nicholas (Michael Traynor) or not — and the fact that he decided not to was important for Glenn. “I’m sure that some of the last things that Noah said to him before he died resonate,” Hurd dished to Entertainment Weekly. “And he doesn’t want to become Nicholas. He doesn’t want to become someone who believes that even if someone is trying to kill you it’s okay to essentially kill them in cold blood. Because at that point, Nicholas would have won.”

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A lot of his success, he says, has to do with knowing when to wait and when to jump when a deal comes along. That’s what happened with The Walking Dead. He passed on offers for a TV show, waiting for the right one to come along.

“Not doing that can lead to getting a bad deal,” he says. “Marvel Comics is a good example. If they had waited two years before they did that X-Men deal, they would be in a much better position right now. But because they were struggling and in bankruptcy, they did that X-Men deal where they don’t control a lot of it. They don’t get to do a lot of stuff with the X-Men. The Spider-Man deal is much better, and then they did their own movies. Now they’re Marvel and they’re doing all this crazy movie stuff, but they don’t have access to the X-Men because they gave that to Fox.”

And that’s it, Kirkman says, the key to success. It boils down to something pretty obvious on some level: When people make great things, they should maintain control of those great things.

Slipping through undead fingers

It’s hard to peel Kirkman’s thoughts on creator activism away from the nearly overwhelming successes of The Walking Dead and the creation of Skybound Entertainment, a new studio he created inside Image Comics.

It’s like figuring out which came first: the undead chicken or the invincible egg.

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Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in”The Walking Dead.” (Gene Page/AMC via Associated Press)

This post discusses the season finale of “The Walking Dead.”

I always had a soft spot for “The Walking Dead’s” Shane (Jon Bernthal).

Oh, sure, the whole “steal Rick’s wife and kid by murdering him” seemed a bit extreme. But as a general rule, the former lawman understood that in the zombie apocalypse, the old rules didn’t apply. Leaders were needed — not discussion facilitators, not democracy expediters. Actual leaders.

It has taken Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his friends a couple of seasons to realize that simple truth. But it’s refreshing to see how they’ve all come around to Shane’s point of view. Granted, it took them being forced to wipe out an idyll with a secret (Woodbury) and getting stuck in the world’s most obvious Holocaust metaphor (Terminus) to wise up.

Better late than never, I guess.

The second half of the fifth season has largely been set in and around Alexandria, Va. The community has managed to survive by building a steel wall around the subdivision to keep walkers out. But it seems to have simply gotten lucky that the real threat in the zombie apocalypse — you know, other people — hasn’t stumbled upon their encampment. Those who dwell within Alexandria’s walls could charitably be described as naive. As Carol (Melissa McBride), whose own evolution into a woman of action has been quite impressive this season, noted last night, “These people are children.” And children need to be led. For their own sake. Read more... (825 words, estimated 3:18 mins reading time)

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By Brian Ives

Over the course of four-plus seasons, ‘The Walking Dead’ has used a wide range of music from artists that span nearly every genre and era including Bob Dylan, Motörhead, the Stanley Brothers, Sharon Van Etten, Wang Chung and Tom Waits, whose song “Hold On” was sung by cast member Emily Kinney. During the show’s fifth season, we’ll be talking with Thomas Golubic of SuperMusicVision, who helps choose the show’s music, to get the scoop on what you heard on the latest episode.

OK, breathe. Season five’s Walking Dead season finale was, as you’d expect, intense. There’s lots to digest.

Not the least of which is the nasty human survivors in the wilderness called the Wolves, who will likely be the big threat for at least a few weeks of season six (remember when we thought season five would be all about Terminus?). But like the Governor, and also like the feral-era Michonne, the Wolves have figured out a way to use walkers to their advantage. Unlike the Governor, or the denizens of Terminus, these guys seem not to care about having any kind of civilization, they’re more nihilistic than that.

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the-walking-dead-conquer (1)Tonight’s season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead gave us a lot to consider.

There were several subplots going on, lots of gore and action, and while there wasn’t a major character death, there was still quite a bit of blood.

So…what were our big takeaways? Read on…

Is Morgan sleeping…

…in the car our guys crashed a few episodes back during that walker swarm?

I could be wrong on that, but it seems like that’s where he is.

Traveling in pairs

Does this give credence to the theory that the Wolves are the same people Alexandria kicked out?

They’re using the same strategy: traveling in twos, one seen and one unseen, to scout while their larger numbers and exact location remain hidden.

Daryl certainly seems to suspect it as much as the viewers do.

the-walking-dead-conquer (1)Rick’s face

Looks basically identical to how it was done in the comics when all bandaged up.

Glenn brings all of this on himself

Seriously — who would follow that moron out into certain danger when there’s more important stuff for you to be doing?

the-walking-dead-conquer (1)Carol is the best

That scene with Pete was perfect. The casserole came back. And at the end of the day, she’s been the smartest and most capable person in the group since they came to Alexandria.

the-walking-dead-conquer (1)Del Arno Foods

Is Daryl really that gullible?

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Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead” has killed off Beth (Emily Kinney), Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.), Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and Noah (Tyler James Williams) among many other characters during this Season 5 alone. And even though some of these characters were introduced to the show later than the others, all their deaths definitely hurt. Norman Reedus recently talked to Access Hollywood and gave his own explanation on why deaths on the show have huge impact not only to the surviving characters but also to the viewers.

“I think on this show in particular, you become so involved with this small group of people,” said Reedus of why killing off a character on the AMC show breaks people’s hearts. “[But] if you have a shocker death on a show and there’s a million characters, it sucks and it’s a shocker, but there’s a million characters.”

The 46-year-old actor, who plays Daryl on the show, continued, “We keep it to the core group on this show and you get involved with them over time, and you see their losses and their triumphs and all these things and then, you lose one of them — it’s a lot like real life. Like, you always feel like you have more time with the ones you love and the ones you’re close to and when death in real life happens, you’re just not ready. Even if you’re prepared for it, you’re never ready for that.”

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WARNING: Major spoilers for The Walking Dead comic and TV show ahead. Proceed with caution.

Well it’s finally over! The season finale of The Walking Dead in all its 90-minute glory has come and gone and man was it good!

The episode was long and included a lot of different characters, all the ingredients of a fantastic finale.

We saw the sad and bloody aftermath of the Rick vs. Pete fight:

As well as a manhunt involving Nicholas and a very forgiving Glenn, more Daryl and Aaron adventures (which resulted in that amazing triple walker chain kill), and also Obi-Wan Morgani who kicked some serious ass in the first 5 minutes of the episode.

But before you all slump into a depression at the thought of having to wait until October to see the next season, check out these 5 things you might have missed in The Walking Dead season finale, “Conquer”:

1. The Little Dead Riding Hood

Ah red poncho guy, we barely knew thee. Early in the episode, Aaron and Daryl spot a potential new recruit for Alexandria. The guy obviously has some pretty good survival skills, knowing to put wild leeks on his face to keep away mosquitoes, but unfortunately he became a literal redshirt when he was killed off soon after we first saw him. The use of the red poncho was very clever, especially when it came to his ultimate demise at the hands of the Wolves, but sadly in The Walking Dead Little Red Riding Hood didn’t make it out alive.

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Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel, center, in “The Walking Dead.” (Gene Page/AMC)

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

Though there’s no way to verify the notion in a peer-reviewed study, African American men would likely have as much chance of survival as any other demographic in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse. Of course, they might fall victim to a corrupt, racist military state should one arise out of the ashes of the world as we know it. But absent outright post-apocalyptic discrimination, anyone who can run and wield a weapon has an equal chance against those who return from the dead to consume the living. Zombies don’t discriminate.

Except: On AMC’s smash hit “The Walking Dead,” whose fifth season finale aired Sunday, African African men seem over-represented among those who have bitten the dust. The show’s black male characters often exit the series abruptly, chomped by stray zombies who, it seems, could just have easily chomped someone else — someone else of a lighter complexion. And often, these black characters exeunt just as they’re graduating from a guy in the background to a fleshed-out human being with an interesting backstory.

There’s even a name for this practice among fans: “T-Dogging,” named after a black character killed off before his time in Season 3.

Read more... (962 words, estimated 3:51 mins reading time)

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SPOILER WARNING: Do not read any further if you haven’t seen “The Walking Dead” season finale yet.

(CNN)Have Rick and his fellow survivors finally found a place they can settle in for the long term?

That was the question left still unanswered at the end of Sunday night’s season finale of “The Walking Dead.”

Rick was back in “Ricktatorship” mode, telling the residents of Alexandria that he knew what it took to survive and they should follow him.

That led up to one of many moments where we gasped during the 90-minute finale. Here are five of the biggest gaspworthy moments:

1. Morgan is back

We’ve literally been looking for him all season, and Rick’s old friend Morgan — going all the way back to the first episode — made a return appearance, wielding a stick he used to kick walker, and human, butt when necessary.

    And it was definitely necessary once he was captured by two men wearing W’s on their heads, who, we would later learn, wanted to turn Morgan into a walker in order to join a horde of walkers they controlled.

    2. Daryl looks done for

    It was Daryl who happened upon that horde, and he and Aaron were soon surrounded and forced into a car, with little chance of escape — that is, until Morgan rescued them.

    We rarely believe what we hear when there are rumors that Daryl might die, but that was a close one.

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“iHeart Radio Music Awards”: Jamie Foxx hosts a bash celebrating pop music favorites. (8 p.m. NBC/8)
“Call the Midwife”: Season 4 begins,  with some new faces, new cases, and new developments for some of the regulars. (8 p.m. PBS/10)
“Killing Jesus”: The Bill O’Reilly/Martin Dugard book gets a TV adaptation, with Haaz Sleiman as Jesus, Stephen Moyer as Pontius Pilate, Rufus Sewell as Caiaphas, and Emmanuelle Chriqui as Herodias. (8 p.m. National Geographic channel)
“Mr. Selfridge”: Jeremy Piven returns as the visionary entrepreneur in early 20th-century London, and so does the fine ensemble cast, as the loyal staff at the store. (9 p.m. PBS/10)
“The Walking Dead”: This uneven Season 5 comes to a close in a 90-minute finale, and after last week’s episode, I’m wondering if Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is going to be booted out of Alexandria because he seems to be two steps away from being totally bonkers. But it also feels like more serious trouble is lurking outside those Alexandria gates. (9 p.m. AMC)
“Bates Motel”:  There’s never a dull moment in White Pine Bay, Oregon, not as long as Norma and Norman Bates are around. (9 p.m. AE)
“Better Call Saul”:  Jimmy seems to be inspiring Chuck to get back into the law, but is that necessarily a good thing? (10 p.m. AMC)
“The Dovekeepers”:  A two-night adaptation of Alice Hoffman’s novel, inspired by the legendary tale of Jews facing the Roman siege of Masada, and their fateful choice. The events are told from the perspective of some of the women who are part of the Jewish community, played by, among others, Cote de Pablo (late of “NCIS”), and Rachel  Brosnahan (“House of Cards.”) (9 p.m. CBS/6)
“Weird Loners”: New comedy about four people who all have their own issues and idiosyncrasies, but manage to get along with each other, anyway. (9:30 p.m. Fox/12)
“American Idol”: Viewers keep voting 15-year-old Daniel Seavey of Vancouver through, so let’s see if he makes it another week. (8 p.m. Fox/12)
“The Slap”: It’s the finale of this miniseries, which sure seemed a lot more promising when it started. (10 p.m. NBC/8)
“Grimm”:  Sounds like a new Royal is coming to Portland. That can’t be good. (8 p.m. NBC/8)
“Outlander”: After a painfully long break, Season 1 resumes, and we’ll find out how Claire gets away from the dastardly Black Jack, and see some dramatic doings in Claire and Jamie’s intimate moments. (9 p.m. Starz)
– Kristi Turnquist

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The Walking Dead Season 5 shambled out its 15th and penultimate entry with Sunday’s latest “Try” but how did it hold up to the comic book continuity? Rick attempted to mediate the domestic abuse between Alexandria’s Pete and Jessie, while Daryl and Aaron discovered a sinister group outside the gates, so let’s find out how closely the source material stuck through Sunday’s latest!

As AMC’s incarnation weaves in and out of storylines from the books and adds its own original characters and developments, we’ve compiled an in-depth guide for fans of the comics as well as AMC’s The Walking Dead to enjoy! Check all the comparisons we found in The Walking Dead Season 5, episode 15, “Try!”


A Talk Among the Tombstones

AMC: Having heard of Pete and Jessie’s abuse third-hand from Sam and Carol, Rick goes to confront Deanna in the Alexandria cemetery as she mourns her son Spencer. Deanna quickly reveals that she’d known of the abuse, but couldn’t quite act on it, given Pete’s essential surgery skills, and the difficulty of physically separating the pair. Rick flatly responds that he’ll kill Pete if necessary, to which Deanna suggests exile as a possibility, noting that she could do the same to Rick.

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Andrew Lincoln

Game of Thrones” showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss recently confirmed at the Oxford Union last week that the hit HBO fantasy drama will spoil the ending of George R.R. Martin‘s “A Song of Ice and Fire,” on which the series is based. While that disappointed many of Martin’s readers, people who read the “The Walking Dead” comic books won’t experience the same, as creator Robert Kirkman previously said that the AMC show will have a different ending from its source material.

“I think it would be impossible for any way that the show would end to spoil the comic. I that think they are both very separate,” Kirkman told at New York Comic Con back in 2012. “I have certain endings in mind for the comic book. I have different events that I want to get to and if I haven’t gotten to them yet when the show is wrapping up I’m just not going to tell anyone in the writers’ room what my idea is for how I would wrap up the comic book.”

The 36-year-old writer continued, “If they come up with anything similar, I’ll be like, ‘I don’t like that, let’s not do that,’ and try to steer them away from it. So I think it’ll be pretty easy to keep them separate but that is something that has occurred to me, that I have thought about.”

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Shadow and Act
Shadow and Act

Sun Mar 29 14:18:24 EDT 2015

The Walking Dead'

If you’ve
been a devoted watcher of “The Walking Dead” (like me), then you may have noticed something very troubling this season. And that is, all the brothers on the show are being killed off.

First, there
was Lawrence Gilliard Jr.; then a few weeks later, Chad L. Coleman, who died a long, slow, agonizing death. Then two weeks ago, there was the
shocker, when Noah, played by Tyler James Williams, went down hard, in a grisly
scene that I like to call, the “Everyone Ate Chris” sequence.

Only Seth
Gilliam, as the cowardly minister, Gabriel, is left; although Lennie James, who appeared very briefly in 2 cameo appearances earlier this season, is out there somewhere, and is assumed
will be in the season finale tonight.

So what’s
going on here? Is this some sort of conspiracy to get rid of all the brothers
on the show?

Not so, says
executive producer Gale Anne Hurd. That’s not what they intended at all, adding that they’re simply following the storyline as in the graphic novels. 

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With the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead coming up and plenty of conspiracy theories that the “Wolves” are in fact a TV variation on The Saviors from the comics, Jon Hamm’s recent comments that he would like to take on the role of Negan on the hit series is one of the many things that has fans talking.

But just because creator Robert Kirkman has said Hamm is a great fit, and now the actor has expressed interest, doesn’t necessarily mean it will come together.

So, since we’ll take any flimsy excuse to talk about The Walking Dead some more, here are five ideas — either rumored, or just people we’d like to see — for who could play Negan when he finally shows up on The Walking Dead.

Which some fans are expecting to be tonight, although we’re not buying it even a little.

jon-hamm-reveals-premiere-date-mad-men-season-5Jon Hamm

Besides having a physical similarity to the character, as we’ve noted, Robert Kirkman has name-dropped Hamm as somebody he’d love to have, but he thought it would be unlikely since Hamm is likely to become a huge star and he doubted the actor’s willingness to return to television so soon.

Hamm, meanwhile, said this week that playing the part would be fun, and that Kirkman should “call him,” adding that he never says no to anything.

So…there’s definitely a possibility that the name many fans have at the top of their list could happen, especially given Hamm’s good relationship with AMC, who cast him in Mad Men and helped his career explode.

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